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Places to go for Sightseeing while in London

London is considered to be one of the most amazing places to visit in the world. If you are planning on travelling to Europe, you should include London as one of the places you should visit. The city is big, and there are many popular places where you can visit. For those who have never been to London, there are specific spots in the city which they have heard about. The most common sites known to people include the London Eye, Westminster Bridge and the House of Parliament. Here are some good sightseeing tips to check out when you travel to London.

Ensure that you pop in at the Duck and Waffle restaurant when you are in London. The Duck and Waffle is the most popular restaurant in the city. The best place to have a clear view of the city is on top of the restaurant. The main dish in the restaurant is duck and waffles, which are amazing. The restaurant is usually opened from morning to late at night, which means that you can visit at any time you feel like eating there.

You can also use a tour bus to drive around the city. By using the tour bus in your travels, you will be able to learn a lot about the history of London and the culture of the people. You will get a chance to see the best-known and hidden places in the city. To have the most amazing tour of your life on the tour bus, you need to book here. When you visit a plethora of places in the city, you will start feeling like a local.

The Tower of London is another place in the city that you need to visit. The Tower of London is a historical place, which all the tourists should visit. The Tower is one of the most famous museums in London. You will have to climb to the top of the tower so that you can see the river Thames. When you visit the tower, you will be able to see the crown jewels, armory and the palace.

Another place that you should check out is Tate Modern. Tate Modern is home to the best art galleries in the world. You will also be able to check out the city if you do not like art. Go for a ride on the London eye at night. The London eye is very famous, and it is something that all the tourists should experience. Going for the ride at night will give you the best view of the city.