What No One Knows About

Deep Songs You Need on Your Playlist.

A lot of people claim that hip-hop lacks substance. Nonetheless, it does not mean there is any truth in this. Some of these songs will reach the deepest parts of your soul to awaken them. Music will take away your pain not to forget distance you from the noise of the outside world. This is why you will hear people referring to music as a universal language.

If you love good music then these songs should be added to your playlist. “Mocking Bird”-Eminem should be on the list. Eminem’s writing touches on various emotional issues. Sometimes you will listen to a song and realize that it is talking about a feeling or emotion you were not able to put into words before and Eminem is good at this which is why he is a favorite for many people. In “Mocking Bird” Eminem sings of a heartfelt apology to the daughter because he and the mother have messed up. If you have let anyone down before then you will relate to the song.

Don’t forget to listen to “I feel like dying”-Lil Wayne. Among the rappers who have produced outstanding work you cannot forget to mention Lil Wayne. “I feel like dying” will not disappoint. If you have grown up in a situation where it is all about a stream of drugs, extended stays or even sadness then you will find this song inspiring. The song will pull you in and also make you feel lost simultaneously.

The list will not be full without adding “The Drugs Don’t Work”- The Verve. Even though you cannot say that it is a hip-hop song, you will end up falling in love with this song. The lead singer is Richard Ashcroft and the song was written when his father was on his death bed. He was writing it at his bedside. It was strong grief and it can be felt all through the song.

Actually, your body will be affected physically by this song. You will realize that your breathing and heart rate slow down as you listen to it. It is a whole sadness mood. Make sure you listen to “Gin and Juice”-Snoop Dogg too. You will find yourself feeling a type of a way while listening to this but you will not be sad. You need to be blasting this song on the stereo while you kick back and have quality time with friends.

If you had to worry about putting things in order around the house because your parents were about to get home and also hang out your friends then this is just the song to take you back to those moments.

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