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Easy Tips for Honey Extraction

Bee keeping is very complicated as it involves so many things. The extractions period is the learning curve that you need to have. Consider the time you want to harvest the honey. Everyone has their techniques that they want to use during the honey extraction. As part of your learning are several tips that will help you gain the right masterly of the honey harvesting. There are several ways that this tool will help you with and you get to have the right tips to help your through.

The process of harvesting is complicated. It can take an entire day or even two days. Go slow to achieve this. Take your time to have this done. To remove the supers you will at least need half an hour. Another hour we are required for setting up space for the harvesting. For the extraction process alone you need ample time as it is quite involving. An hour at least for the clean-up is then required to finalize the process. Through this you can get adequate bottling time.

Consider kitchen harvesting. This could be your first time, and you will enjoy. Many people today adopt this mechanism. Since honey can’t sticky in any place; you need to ensure that you remember how sticky it is. Ensure that you avoid any spillage whatsoever.

As we said earlier, honey harvesting can take up to an entire day. You, therefore, need to ensure that you harvest in an enclosed space. With time you will get some visitors if you are harvesting in an outdoor environment. There are other bees that get to have the smell of the honey. This will make you have a hard time in the extraction process. Wen you are dealing with the summer months; you will enjoy it.

Another tip is that you need to let it flow. Warm honey flows typically more efficiently and in a more faster way than cold honey. Ensure to harvest the honey hen its warm. You can use this method when you have to extract the honey in the point when the flow of the honey is limited.

It’s also essential to ensure that you keep of plain water near a hand towel. You will, therefore, avoid sticky honey through this way. You can get disturbing hands through this. This way you need to wet the hands, and then you can go ahead with the work.

Extraction and the bottling should be done on different days. You need to ensure that you have the right bottling experience for the activity. Separate the two activates. It’s an important activity when you allow the honey to flow through the filter bag over the entire bag.

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