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The Basics Requirement of The Triathlon

Sports for a couple of years have used as means of exercising and having fun for individuals. There different types of sports, and depending on individual preferences, interests, and strengths. Sports are great to get relief from the normal activities such as work or school activities providing an atmosphere for social interaction. Triathlon is a type of multiple sport that entails a combination of different exercise activities. The activities entails swimming, biking and some distance running. The triathlon looks as an ambiguous sport to many people but continuous practice makes perfect. It’s an enjoyable sport played by participants called triathletes.

The following are the basics involved in a triathlon sport; Since triathlon occurs in two-phase of transitions from swimming to biking riding and finally to racing or running. The first basic is the distance which is going to be covered during the race. The race can either be a short sprint, half a distance marathon or even a full-distance marathon which is known as ironman. The next basic are the types of equipment used in the triathlon sport. For a beginner triathlon training, a swimsuit that is comfortable will be necessary for the swimming competition.

Once an individual has acquired swimming equipment such as the swim caps, paddles or flippers that will aid in movement and navigation. The beginner should also ensure they practice for awhile in swim pool before attempting an open water whose temperature, currents and waves are different from the pool. In case one is new to swimming frequent training will aid in sharpening and improving one’s skills. The next equipment one needs is a bike with the right working conditions and a safe head helmet. Furthermore choosing the right shoes that one will use to pedal will make a beginner comfortable in their cycling.

For the running part, a triathlon beginner should pay close attention to the type of sport shoes that are comfortable for user feet during the race. The other ones are the right running attire in accordance with the weather conditions and a smartwatch with a GPS signal. The other basic requirement is creating a training timetable that will guide a user on the different activities performed at different times. The timetable should be realistic in that it should be several weeks before the actual day of completion. Therefore an individual should be committed and dedicated during the training period.

Finally, a participant in triathlon should also eat a balanced diet to replenish the body with nutrients that provide energy. Moreover, and triathlete should also ensure they take enough water in order to hydrate their bodies. Lastly, an individual should practice how to retain strength as the triathlon activities are repetitive in nature. During the practice, one should avoid activities that can cause injuries or dislocations of their body muscles. The frequent workouts will enable one to transition smoothly from one activity to another. A triathlete should be aware of the complete rules and time guidelines of the sport. In conclusion, the triathletes should also have fun as they engage in the activities.

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