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Factors to Consider when Buying Pepper Spray

Whenever you need added protection when walking outdoors, pepper spray can come handy. Carrying it with you offers the protection that is easy to use and is not lethal in any way. There are important things, however, that many buyers overlook when they are purchasing the spray. Here are some of the factors that one seems to overlook yet are paramount to arriving at the best decision when buying your pepper spray.

The first thing that you need to know is the legality of pepper sprays in your locality. Different rules govern the use of this product in different states, and you should find out about the same before making a purchase. It is not considered a lethal weapon, but the user needs to be informed on what is expected o them once they own the spray. You need to know where you will find the most appropriate spray for your need. You should establish whether the kind of spray that you need can be acquired from local dealers or has to be ordered online.

Understand how to use the pepper spray product. Knowledge concerning the spray will be useful in case you spray your eyes unintentionally and how you can test your spray. Information about various products are available on the internet and a potential buyer should educate themselves well to avoid any problems that might arise as a result of ignorance. Consider learning about the spray before making the purchase. Know how long it takes before a spray needs to be tested or refilled.

Choose a size that will be suitable for you. Sizes range from keychain units to sizes of fire extinguishers which are commonly used by the police. The small spray is convenient when carrying around. The shortcoming with this, however, is that it carries a very small amount of the spray. The range of containers vary, according to size and quantity of spray and you need to choose one that will best suit your need.

The pattern of the spray is another factor that you can consider. The stream pattern can be sprayed at a single person even if they are in a group. Another pattern is the stream with spays like aerosols. This kind of pattern travels much slower and can affect innocent people around the target. These are the things that you should know when purchasing pepper spray.

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