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Countries That Have Allowed the Use of Recreational Marijuana

The recreational weed was majorly legalized in the year 2018. The federal and the state have legalized the use of recreational marijuana and this has led to the creation of new laws. About two-thirds of the adult population of Americans are supporting the idea of legalizing the use of the recreational marijuana. The prohibition of the weed is phasing out as this is one of the efforts to make the use of recreational weed legal. Reading this article will however enlighten you on the states that are making the use of recreational weed legal. The states that have legalized the use of recreational weed have however advised its citizens to use common sense when they are enjoying the freedom.

In general, most of the West Coast states and New England have allowed the use of recreational marijuana. Through the Farm Bill, the president legalized the use of the hemp. The hemp is the best part of the weed that brings recreational effect and does not trigger psychoactive reactions. The psychoactive effect is normally caused by the THC. The medicine and well as the textile industry are some of the other industries that utilize the use of hemp. It was an effort to uplift the American farmers that encouraged the legalization of the hemp farming. The marijuana industry is also fast growing and the legalization of hemp want to keep up with the demand. The industry is therefore at a top production level, about ten billion dollars. At the states level, wed has been legalized in many states. California was the first state to make the use of recreational weed to be legal. The country is also going an extra mile to free the victim that were prisoned due to the marijuana-related cases.

The legalization of weed in America followed when Canada had made it legal. The federal government here is also manipulating ways in which they can release those who were arrested due to weed related cases The first country to legalize recreational weed is Canada. Massachusetts is the next state that legalized the use of weed. The state is located in the East Coast and was the first to legalize the use of recreational marijuana there.

The freedom to use weed is, however, be of common sense, in as much as you will be enjoying the freedom. Therefore, those states that are legalizing the use of marijuana are advising such states to use common sense. To make sure that the use of medical and recreational marijuana is safe, you will find that the federal and the state government are stipulation rules on how to have them being used.