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Variety of Grasses Suitable For Landscaping a Lawn

You all need to be landscaped with grass because the appearance of the lawn enhances the beauty of the exterior design of your home. Find out the type of grass that does well in your region so that you choose the right one. You can blend varieties of grasses that do well in your region with the help of a landscaping expert for you to get a uniquely attractive appearance in your yard. Your lawn will stand out when you landscape it with these types of grasses.

The ryegrass needs over-seeding with grass types like Kentucky Bluegrass to maintain the green look even after the cold season has gone. When you plant the grass in winter, it will grow to a maximum of four feet by summer. The insufficient rainfall in summer will not make the grass to die because when you plant it in winter, it will be mature enough to survive not having water for a few days. The grass needs a lot of water, and you will have to incur too many expenses irrigating it when you plant it in other seasons other than winter. It has strong growth that will suppress the harmful weeds without the need of herbicides. Ensure that you buy perennial ryegrass that is weed free.

You can plant red fescue grass in your yard if you are in regions of northern and temperate climate. Do not worry about the grass turning brown and dormant in seasons of high temperatures because during cold seasons the temperatures will fall and they will be enough moisture for the grass to grow and turn emerald green. This grass is resistant to drought because of its deep roots; hence, it will not die in warm seasons. You will not spend highly on water bills to irrigate your yard in summer if it has the red fescue grass. It proliferates and covers a lot of the sandy ground because it does well on sandy soil. Ryegrass and bluegrass seeds can be planted with seeds of the red fescue grass. Buy seeds of ryegrass, bluegrass and red fescue grass that are already mixed up if you do not know how to do this properly.

The Kentucky bluegrass very popular for landscaping because of its greenish-blue appearance. the grasses suitable for Northern climatic regions because it is a cold season glass. It has superb winter hardness, but some varieties of bluegrass are susceptible to heat and drought due to the shallow roots. It is best planted during the early fall.

Looking On The Bright Side of Houses

Looking On The Bright Side of Houses