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Guidelines To Proper Care Of Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf fig scientifically known as Ficus Lyrata is a popular plant among many gardeners and homeowners all over the world. It’s purpose and reputation is what makes a difference and hence more reason as to why most homeowners prefer it. It also has waxy dark green foliage that perfectly contrasts with walls with neutral colors, light, and another furnishing. Aside from its beauty, the plant is durable and hence makes the perfect specimen to have it in the house. You can always decide on the size of the plant that you need for your living room or office and also choose to relocate them when you feel that it has overgrown. It is vital that you seek the help of a botanist when you are not sure of the conditions that will make the plant grow better unless you want it to die. When you fail to stick to the critical information and tips given about taking care of the Fiddle Leaf fig plant you might end up disappointed and not get the results that you wanted.

It is vital that you know the conditions that will make the plant thrive better within your home or the office. The Fiddle Leaf fig plant requires little maintenance as long as the right conditions are provided. When it comes to lighting, the plant requires bright and consistent sunlight. To make sure that your plant access enough light it is vital that you get to have wider windows. The plant thrives well in a room with strong and sufficient light and thus not recommended to plant if you do not have sustainable lighting. Water is among the most crucial components that will facilitate the ample growth of the Fiddle Leaf fig plant. Fiddle leaf fig is a plant that is not considered to need so much water as it can even last to two weeks without watering. When you are having a problem or limited time to check on the plant it is vital that you get to hire a gardener to take care of it.

During the first few weeks after purchasing, it is not necessary to put any fertilizer as it still utilizes the nutrients from the nursery. As much as it rear to find any type of infection on the plant, it calls to be keen in order to identify any abnormality to its growth. Due to its large leaves, figs can be cleaned easily by wiping the leaves with a wet cloth. Pruning also reduces the size of the plant and gives room for the growth and development of new branches.

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