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Things You Ought To Know About Immigration Bond

Many people do find themselves in situations whereby they are in another country and they just got arrested by the authorities because of breaking an immigration law and the whole scenario can be truly scary for someone. If you ever find yourself in such a situation you need to take immediate Step by ensuring that you have a lawyer who will file for an immigration bail Bond so that you don’t end up staying in jail because the whole case can take a while before you are given a verdict by an immigration judge. When you are arrested, you are basically helpless, and the only way you can get help is by hiring the services of an immigration attorney. Remember that when you are arrested, you will be dealing directly with the Federal Government and not just the local police. One of the reasons as why you need to file for a Bail Bond is because the bond is what assures the court that you will show up for every court proceedings that has been set every time that the court needs you.

Bond is usually paid in money form, and the money is usually transferred directly to the Bureau of immigration. One of the reasons as to why getting a bail application usually takes longer than many people might expect it because it has to pass various processes and be approved by different offices. Not everyone who applies for an immigration Bond is usually given one, and this is something that you have to be psychologically prepared for. ICE immigration officer is usually the person who determines the amount of money that you should pay as Bond and also if you are eligible to even get a bond. Immediately you are told the amount to pay you are usually given education of one week, and if you are not able to pay Bond then you will have to stay in custody. If the ICE refuses to give you a bond then your lawyer can request for an immigration Bond hearing we are by the courts will determine if you will get the bond or not. There are a couple of factors that they check for example if you have ever been arrested before for committing a crime.

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