Practical and Helpful Tips: Grooming

Helpful Dog Grooming Tips You Should Learn

Showing your dog love does not only entail feeding it but importantly, grooming it. While you can hire professional dog groomers to do it, it is possible to do it yourself if you follow simple procedures and with the right tools. It is an expensive undertaking especially when you have to groom your dog regularly, but you can do it alone and save money if you have the right guidance and the grooming tools. Your dog feels at ease when you are grooming as compared to when a stranger is grooming it. Dog grooming is not a cumbersome task, and the following DIY tips will help you do it without hassle.

Set a designated place for grooming your dog. If your dog is not used to grooming, then it might turn out to be a traumatic experience on the first time. Make the environment conducive by removing anything that might scare the dog. Prepare the place in advance and make sure that it is properly lit and all the grooming instruments are set. Do not allow strangers to be around when grooming your dog because they might make the dog restless and it would be difficult to groom the dog.

Prepare a schedule for grooming your dog and make it a regular activity so that the dog is healthy. You will notice that a majority of dogs shed fur during the warm season to keep themselves healthy. If your dog does not shed fur, take a step to trim the hair. It is advantageous to trim your dog’s hair because if it overgrows, it keeps dangerous pests and insects such as fleas and ticks which can transmit diseases.

Clean every part of the dog’s coat. If you are cleaning your dog for the first, the chances are high that you might not clean some parts such as the legs, ears, and tail. Every part of the dog’s body requires careful grooming. For instance, if you do not trim the hair around the eyes, they might overgrow and block the vision of your dog.

Grooming not only entails trimming hair but it also involves trimming the dog nails monthly. Dogs like scratching and if their nails are long, they might end up causing bruises to their skin, but if you keep the nails short, there will be no harm. The best instrument for nail trimming is the dog nail clippers which you can find in well-established pet grooming stores at affordable rates.

Brush your dog’s teeth regularly. Just like you clean your teeth, your dog also needs regular dental care. You can do this using an old toothbrush, or you can purchase a special dog toothbrush and toothpaste. Dental care is vital as it keeps away foul breath and it keeps the dog’s teeth healthy and strong.

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