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All About Insecure Attachment Theory that You Need to Know

In the first year of a child is when she bonds with her parent or care giver. A child gets the style of attachment depending on the environment she grows in as well as the kind of interactions she makes with the other individuals she grows with. The interactions of a child with some other individuals are likely to be determined by the attachment style that he develops. There are basically four types of attachment theories which are secure attachment, disorganized attachment, anxious-resistant insecure attachment and anxious avoidant insecure attachment. In this article however, you will get information about insecure attachment style.

The insecure attachment style is characterized by children who are anxious-resistant, anxious avoidant as well as a disorganized and insecure attachment. Kids that have such attachments usually have some fear when there are strangers in their presence. When the parents of such children leave them behind, they cry and scream in an inconsolable manner. When their parents come back however, the children behave completely opposite of that. Children such as those ones usually have a push and pull kind of mentality.

Such children are also unsure of what is about to happen which makes them long to get attention from their parent or care giver and refusing the kind of attention that they are given. Most of the children with disorganized attachment have been known to go through child abuse or some other traumatic events. The parent or caregiver to such children can be taken to be either afraid or frightening. Often times, in case such a child sees his parent or guardian getting afraid or scared, he may never know whatever is best for him to do. You should ensure that you provide your child with the love and attention required so that he cannot get into a situation like that one.

In the event that you have some personal issues disturbing you, it is important that you go for therapy and not turning them to your child. You need to let your child know that she can trust you no matter what he might be going through. It is important for parents to ensure that their children portray the secure attachment theory through providing them with as much love and attention as possible that he requires as a child. It is also important for you to commit yourself to spending quality time with your child and also maintain a consistent lifestyle by making a consideration how it will affect your child at the end of it all. As the child’s parent or care taker, this information can help you know how you can ensure that your child gets a good mental health.

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