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Various Ways In Which Marijuana And Hemp Differ

It is common to find individuals assuming Hemp is Marijuana. This is evident in discussions on message platforms and amateur blogs. Knowing the difference between Hemp and Marijuana will help you stand out from the crowd. You can quickly know the difference between Hemp and Marijuana when you read more about them. The following are the differences between marijuana and hemp.

One of the differences between Marijuana and Hemp lies on the leaves. While hemp leaves are skinny and fuller towards the shoot, marijuana has broad leaves with denser buds.

Also, the only difference is in the plants. Marijuana is shorter and thicker while Hemp is taller and thinner. Also, Hemp has fewer branches under its upper part, but marijuana has more.

The composition of the two plants also differs. The concentration level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is higher in marijuana and much lower in hemp. The levels of cannabidiol (CBD) in Hemp are much higher than in marijuana.

The difference between Marijuana and Hemp also lies in their usage. Due to its psychoactive nature that is as a result of an abundance in THC, Marijuana is useful as a recreational drug. More about ways in which you can consume marijuana include ingesting, smoking, inhaling and inserting it into the bloodstream. THC from marijuana is also useful for making vaporizers, edibles, and etcetera. Hemp, is used for industrial purposes like making paper, clothes, building materials, organic material, oils and a lot more.

The legality of Hemp and Marijuana also differ. More about the states in the world have legalized Hemp that is 0.3% and less. Also, the legal consequences of planting Hemp when illegal are usually minor and inconsequential compared to cultivating marijuana. A lot of countries in the world consider marijuana illegal due to its high percentages of THC. However, some countries where marijuana is legal because of its potential to become useful in the medical field.

Environments which supports the growth of marijuana and hemp contrast. Hemp grows exceptionally well when placed closely together but marijuana cannot as it requires a lot of space. While Hemp can survive in many different climates, marijuana only does well is warm and wet environments. It is also important that you know more about Hemp and Marijuana require that you brought them in separate fields. The main reason why is that Hemp’s pollen grains can lessen the psychoactive capabilities of marijuana when they get into the marijuana flowers..

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