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What You Can Get from MOONCHILD 2021 Charting Resource

If you are losing hope to become a parent, you better pay attention. You still have a big chance to bear a child. You only need to have faith and find accurate actions that will hit the mark. With MOONCHILD 2021 charting resource, you will find the right strategy. Before signing up and receiving the huge surprise of your lives, you better know what it is all about. You must have been excited about following your monthly lunar conception calendar. Soon, you will also share your own success story like what other couples did.

As you search further on their website, you will find the frequently asked questions. You will know exactly what lunar fertility is about. When you use lunar fertility techniques, you get the chance to identify some potential conception dates through overlapping your menstrual cycles and moon cycles. You need to consider also your own natal moon phase if you do that. Natal moon phase is believed to be the relationship between moon and sun during the time of your birth. If you have thought about Jonas Method, forget about it because it does not have any relevance to MOONCHILD method.

If you think that your cycle is not 28 days, there is nothing to worry about. The nature’s fertility finder uses your natal and even current lunar phases to pick potential conception dates. You do not need to rely so much on menstrual cycle updates. You must also be aware that one has a greater likelihood to get pregnant if the two cycles align. You would really love to get pregnant very soon, but it will vary by person. However, if you follow some techniques brought to you by Moonchild, there is a great possibility to bear a child.

Based on statistics, it is believed that 85% of women get pregnant at the time of their lunar conception period. Others would conceive during the regular ovulation. You will get the chance also to meet Rebecca Skorek who is the founder. She believes that humans are cyclical beings who are meant to live harmoniously with nature. As a person, you have your own unique relationship to the natal moon which is a gift you carry throughout your life. She is introduced to lunar cycles and astrology during her teenage years and came back to the artistic expression of wellness on her 30’s.

If you want to learn more of the process, you better stay connected with her team. You can contact her in various social media platforms. In fact, you can catch up on her through Facebook. If you also want to get mails, you need to join them by setting up an account. You will also check blogs that contain information about your own zodiac sign and its connection to the moon. There are updates also that will be given only to members, so take the chance to avail updates from them. If you need one-on-one session with their counselors, they can also offer that service to you.

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